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Selenite Jewelry

The Selenite stone is one that's found in a variety of different forms. It's a class of gypsum and very soft, which doesn't make it an ideal candidate for high traffic settings or jewelry that is exposed to a lot of abuse.

Because this soft stone can be damaged easily, it's often coated when set in different jewelry pieces to protect it and increase its durability.

When cut into slabs and sheets, the stone is also remarkably flexible. This makes it easy to shape into different forms and set into rings or bands with ease. It's also commonly found in a curled up fashion which can make it look like ram's horns.

The Selenite stone is also called Satin Spar at times and is common in business offices as cut and polished slabs for decoration.

This stone gets its name from the Greek word of Selene which means moon. In history it's sometimes been used as a window setting or pane, and it can be found in giant crystal variety in the Naica Cave of Crystals. 

Because of its delicate nature, the Selenite stone needs special care to prevent damage. It's also known as a great stone that can amplify truth and honesty, which makes business people happy when they wear it.

It's known to promote good business practices and honesty in different kinds of relationships as well. Carefully crafted and built to be unique, each piece of our Selenite jewelry is handcrafted and made to be one of a kind. Built with the finest 925 Sterling Silver, we guarantee that no two pieces of our Selenite jewelry are exactly alike!

You can browse our extensive selection of Selenite silver pendants, unique Selenite silver rings, and dazzling Selenite silver earrings. No matter who or what event you are shopping for, our comprehensive Selenite selection gives you the best gift for your hard earned dollar.

No matter who are you shopping for, the special someone or looking to treat yourself, Ana Silver Co. has the Selenite variety and catalog you are after! Our Selenite silver earrings are hypo-allergenic, and our selection of Selenite jewelry is unmatched. See what makes Ana Silver Co different by shopping with us.