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Rhodochrosite Jewelry

The name for the Rhodochrosite stone comes from the Greek word rhodon meaning rose as well as chroma which means color. The Rhodochrosite is the official Colorado state mineral and its beauty is unmatched in many jewelry settings. Even so this pink stone is elegant and can have several inclusions that range from red to dark red as well. The inclusions in the Rhodochrosite stone can appear creamy brown in some light and can range in appearance which gives the stone a unique appeal. 

Many anicent civilizations such as the Incas believed that rhodochrosite is the blood of their ancestors. These Incas believed that these former kings and queens would return to life as these stones and that's why so many of them used the Rhodochrosite in jewelry and decorations as well. That's why the Rhodochrosite stone is also known as the Inca Rose given its colors and appearance.

However beautiful the Rhodochrosite stone may be, it also contains lead which can be toxic in the higher exposures. That's why most jewelers use a coating to protect the wearer and an indirect means of how to create their jewelry. 

This stone typically comes in colors that range from elegant pink to a light red and some of the more rare examples include bands of white. No matter what color inclusions and bands come with the Rhodochrosite stone, it's a remarkable piece in any setting of jewelry.

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