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Kyanite Jewelry

This interesting stone gets its name from the Greek word kuanos, meaning deep blue. The Kyanite stone is often found as a blue silicate mineral and mined from sedimentary rocks or other formations. Although Kyanite is not commonly used in jewelry it can lend a proper aspect and quality of deep blue to any unique setting. 

The Kyanite stone is created by many different formations of stone and rock, and can be created from the force that the earth generates.

Kyanite is deep blue and used as a high vibration stone with strong connections to positive energy and worn to benefit people throughout history. There are other colors of this stone as well such as the Indigo kyanite stones or Green Kyanite which also have their relations to strong physic feelings and emotions.

One of the less frequent uses of Kyanite has been in a gemstone for jewelry, which is often confused with cat’s eye chatoyancy. The gem is not as popular with jewelers due to its perfect cleavage and limited usage. Although there are many different colors of this stone, there uses in jewelry can be minimal, although there's no doubting the following it has from gem collectors around the world.

Both Indigo Kyanite and the Blue Kyanite are known for their connections to spiritual honesty and well-being. Psychics lean on these stones to convey feelings and positive emotions on their customers and these Kyanite stones have also been known to enhance spiritual energy to flow through to your thoughts.

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