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Chakra Jewelry

Known as healing stones in many cultures as well as history, the Chakra stone is a remarkable looking stone that's been used in many different healing ceremonies. Many shamans and village doctors have used this stone to heal those who are sick in their area or to lift feelings of unrest and unease among their people. The Chakra stone has a different spectrum of colors that are associated with different parts of the body and healing aspects to their health.

Given its name from the seven principles of human nature, the Chakra stone can be bright or cheerful to dark and mysterious in appearance. Many of the lighter and yellowish tinged colors are good examples of the light filled hope that resides in many people. Medium tones and green shades can be highly rare and sought after. Some good examples can be Green Prehnite or Light Green Hiddenite.

People want to learn about the many different ways in which the Chakra stones can heal, which make for a wonderful way to aid in the development of your health. Because the Chakra stone has many different ways in which they can provide healing attributes, there are different abilities for each kind of stone and colors of the stones.

Although certain Chakra stone colors are commonly thought to heal certain ailments, not all stones follow these color coordination. Many of the variations of the Chakra include clear crystals, brown and black mixed color crystals which can extend healing properties. 

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