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Aquamarine Jewelry

From the Latin phrase for the ocean and sea life within it, the Aquamarine stone is incredibly beautiful and diverse in its uses. Found in necklaces and rings, the Aquamarine is also the birthstone of March. This gemstone is also thought to bring about feelings of martial happiness, which makes it very popular as a gift or a wedding gift. 

Found in many different sizes and crystals, these gems are carved and polished to fine detail. Combining a high level of clarity with a tangible aspect of transparency, the aquamarine gem is usually found in blue to slightly greenish blue colorations. In the rough form the Aquamarine gem is not as shiny but is widely used in jewelry for it's clear concise blue tones and connections to peace and life itself.

The gemstone Aquamarine is incredibly popular, and for good reason. Connected to energies of life and bearing life, the connection as the birthstone of March is well deserved. With connections to spring time and new life, the aquamarine gemstone is very popular amongst jewelry collectors, and for good reason. Aquamarine gemstones are perfect complimentary pieces or solo ring sets, great for accenting any outfit or any event.

Found in various parts of the world, the Aquamarine is flexible and great for any piece of jewelry. The Latin phrase that gave this gemstone its name is known as the "water of life" Other meanings of Aquamarine also embrace the idea of service to mankind and to the healing of others. It's known for its gentle and compassionate energy, and is also connected to promoting kindness in the face of adversity.

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