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Amethyst Jewelry

Amethysts can come in a stunning variety of deep to lighter purples and violets and is known as the intoxicating stone of pleasure. The gem heralds back to the time of Ancient Greece, where the Amethyst was commonly connected to not being drunk or the non-consumption of alcohol to excess. The stone has also been called the Gem of Fire, and at many points in history was valued as much, if not more than the diamond. For this reason alone, there are many people who are huge fans of the purple Amethyst.

Whether the Amethyst is in raw or refined form, there are many ways its crystals can be striking and pleasing to the eye. When left in its natural state, the Amethyst is often polished as table stop tumble stones or polished into jewels that are great for rings or necklaces. No matter what form you prefer your stone, the Amethyst is a gem that is widely appreciated and loved around the world. As a variety of Quartz, this stone is found in many locations around the world.

The Amethyst comes in many different forms, and can include but is not limited to a transparent appearance. The Amethyst can come in clusters or geodes as well as vitreous masses as well as polished terminations, all of which are natural formations of this incredible stone. While it's certainly not as popular as ancient times, the amethyst is still a very popular stone by today's standards. Known and recognized for it's power of contentment and meditative powers, the Amethyst also has an inherent quality of purification in many circles and cultures. 

In its most refined state, the Amethyst is extremely popular in a necklace or even headwear such as hair pins and royal jewelry. The Amethyst is also known to purifies personal aura and eliminate any negative energy. In many ancient civilizations the Amethyst was also believed to transmit powers and energy that can protect and shield the body against negative energies. In many countries today, the Amethyst still carries many positive connotations and is prized in many different cultures.

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