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Amethyst Stalactite Jewelry Jewelry

Naturally formed by minerals inside caves and other formations, the Amethyst Stalactite is one of the most unique stones in the entire world. Usually sliced or cut in sections to show the center and colorful range of purples and deep violet stripes, these stalactites are naturally made over years of time which is what makes them so widly popular.

Depending on the age of your Amethyst Stalactite, there's going to be a lot to like and unique factors to the colors and range of depth found in the slice of your stalactite. Because most of these are not polished or finished, and simply cut through most of these stones are found on desks and business settings.

Even though they aren't commonly found in jewelry, there's still a large section of fans that prefer to wear chunks or thin cut slices of the Amethyst Stalactite. Best in a necklace or decorative piece of jewelry, the Amethyst Stalactite is very common and popular in many parts of the world to this day. 

Not as easily worn or put into jewelry, the power of the Amethyst still lives in this cave created crystal. Healing and beneficial powers are believed to be emitted from these purple stones, and because of the nature of stalactites, these purple gems can be found in clusters and dense groups inside the stalactite itself. Larger pendants and even jewelry worn by royalty are just two of the more common uses of Amethyst Stalactite jewelry that you will see.

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