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Amazonite Jewelry

Often called the Stone of Courage, Amazonite is a captivating and deep colored stone that is incredibly popular in many different settings. There's a definite essence of power in this stone, and because of this reason, it's also called the Stone of Truth as well. Amazonite has been known to empower people who are in search of truth or discovering themselves, who aren't afraid of a little bit of introspective searching. The Amazonite stone is also very popular with people who enjoy spirituality and believe in the power of stones and gems to convey powers and emotions upon the individual.

Much like the deep waters of the Amazon, and as green as the forests that surround it, Amazonite carries a deep green and jade coloration that makes it popular in many different cultures. Similar to jade, the stone has different shades and distinguishing features that make it stand apart from other gems and stones. The deep green color and rich vibrant highlights make this stone very popular in the workplace. For those who enjoy wearing Amazonite jewelry in the workplace, it's believed to protect the wearer against unfair business practices.

No matter what kind of silver jewelry you fancy or prefer to wear, this stone is very popular. Amazonite is a stone of prosperity and is known to attract new customers and business. It's known to help those looking to strike out on their own or start their own entrepreneurship. Amazonite also gives the wearer freedom to express their feelings and thoughts without repercussions, which makes it a popular stone of choice for fans of jewelry and gems. 

Whether the Amazonite jewelry you are looking comes in turquoise-green or dark jade green, it's known to soothe the spirit and calm the soul. The energy of Amazonite is as powerful as the river for which it is called after, and it's also known temper aggression. Amazonite jewelry is also popular because of it's ability to provide harmony and balance. Very popular in necklaces and unique settings with other gems or stones, Amazonite is a flexible performer in any kind of jewelry setting.

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