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Abalone Shell Ring

Resplendent with the beautiful colors of the sea in iridescent oil-like rainbow patterns, Abalone Shell – which is lined with Nacre, also called Mother-of-Pearl – has been incorporated in jewelry around the world for centuries. Like the ocean itself, Abalone Shell is associated with beauty, comfort, calm, gentleness, peace, creativity, and imagination. The gift of Abalone Shell jewelry symbolizes a wish for good luck, happiness, and prosperity.

Abalone Shell comes from the shells of marine mollusks called abalone, sea snails, and oysters. Also called Paua and Ormer Shell and nicknamed “The Sea Ears,” Abalone Shell is most commonly found off the coasts of Japan, China, and South America. Ocean waves tumble Abalone through sand until it has been softened and naturally polished to a gleaming shine. Although blue, green, chocolate, and white or cream hues are the most common, Abalone Shell can contain nearly every pastel color of the rainbow in infinite patterns that glimmer upon a gently-rippled pearl-smooth surface.

Talented artisans at Ana Silver Co. fashion each unique piece of Abalone Shell into one-of-a-kind jewelry. Our diverse collections of Abalone Shell silver pendants, Abalone Shell silver earrings, and Abalone Shell silver rings are framed by the finest 925 Sterling Silver for a versatile look that is perfect for both casual dress and formal occasions.


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